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Focus On You: The Full Time Stay at Home Dog Mom

Mar 30, 2020

So, last week I mentioned that I’m pretty good at brainstorming and I recently had a conversation with someone concerning his ideas and my suggestions.

I’m hoping that this back and forth will help you figure out some of your own current or potential obstacles.

Mar 23, 2020

Right now, in the US, most of the country has been asked or told to stay home. And most of us can’t. We are living paycheck to paycheck and not having any income for a couple weeks is just not an option. It’s very stressful and many people are wondering how to make their bills and mortgage.

Mar 16, 2020

I wanted to tell you of a couple apps I’m not happy with anymore.

Mar 9, 2020

The topic of happiness is definitely worthy of an episode of its own, because ultimately it is the goal, the priority… the reward we are all looking for.

Everything we do, is ultimately to reach a level of happiness. The goal of happiness is why I have my 24 month plan to be a full time stay at home dog mom.

Mar 2, 2020

When we started to leave our personal projects and start working on someone elses personal projects, we started to be less than we can be.